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The Port Authority took two significant actions today to expedite construction on the east side of the World Trade Center site, including work to clear the way for complete turnover of the sites for Towers 2 and 3, ending the Port Authority’s obligation to pay 0,000 a day in liquidated damages to Silverstein Properties. This construction solution is necessary to mitigate potential delays of the VSC due to the ongoing delays on the abatement and deconstruction of 130 Liberty Street, which is being supervised by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

(The Port Authority turned over the site for Tower 4 in March of this year). Construction of the wall is scheduled to begin in September, and the wall will be removed by October 2010.

will relocate a portion of a wooden retaining wall adjacent to the Tower 3 site, which will allow Silverstein Properties to accept final turnover of all of the sites for its office towers. 1 subway box to allow for uninterrupted service while excavation work progresses beneath it.

Second, after an intense competitive bidding process, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners authorized an agreement with Tishman/Turner, a joint venture of Turner Construction Company and Tishman Corporation of New York, to provide construction management support services for the World Trade Center Transportation Hub at an estimated cost of 5 million.

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