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But this Firestorm Viewer update isn’t just about Bento.

It’s also packed with lots of RLVa fixes, new features, performance improvements, bug fixes and so much more!

In addition to the Release Highlights above, this version of Imprudence also includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 1.

For a full list of changes in past versions, please see the release notes for those versions.

Singularity Viewer is an exciting client for Second Life and Open Sim, which strives to combine the beloved look and feel of Viewer 1.23 with the latest and greatest of available technology, and to stay compatible with future Second Life changes and features.

This past year has been a tumultuous one for our team, one of our developers passed away, another one left to pursue other interests, we were hampered in our ability to update and test the viewer by a lack of infrastructure and hardware issues.

Not only can we use modern C , we are also able to share code and prebuilt libraries with our sister project, While making 32-bit linux builds is very high on our agenda, it requires a large effort and did not make this deadline.

With over 8,000 people in our preview group running it, is widely regarded as faster by testers and is expected to be a rock-solid update.

For those who don’t know about it, Bento is Linden Lab’s latest and greatest improvement to Second Life that enables a whole new realm of possibilities and realism for avatars.

Because it adds dozens of new joints to the Second Life avatar skeleton, we can now have ultrarealistic moving tails, ears, wings, fingers, facial expressions and so much more! Even if you have no intention of using Bento-enabled content or animations, you will need this viewer in order to see it properly on others.

"All" folder (and the folder structure being created on new accounts).

The calling cards in there seems to be used nowhere except from being an additional way of updating the friend list in the "People" window.

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