Reasons for dating older married women

In roughly a fifth of American families, women are the main breadwinners.When women are more independent financially, they have more power, more choices, and more influence.Hello, I just found out about the victory unlimited show, and I’ve got to say that I’ve never heard anything like it. Anyway, I’m writing you to tell you about something that’s been happening a lot lately.Quite a few times over the past year I’ve been meeting single, attractive women who are involved with married guys. It’s lame and it’s wack—but I can accept that it happens.

I was at an upscale party that our law firm was hosting and I met this woman who was a guest of one of the paralegals.

The grass always looks greener on the other side, the food on someone else’s plate always looks better than what you have and someone else’s man always looks better than a single guy.

The rationale behind that seems to be, if someone wants him, he must have something worth wanting.

We’re pretty much tit-for tat in most areas—–looks, money, suaveness, boldness, and sense of humor.

Although, I think my sense of humor is a little sharper than his.

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