Llandudno dating singles

We meet in different locations every Sunday morning for a walk of 4 to 5 miles finishing with a drink in a pub.We also have a monthly evening pub meal and other social events. Connect is an association which gives single people the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activity with others .

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"Hello, young lady," I say, hoping an attractive single mum is around the corner. A white shirt hangs over black leggings; sunglasses sit like a tiara on her chest-length hair.

"Get a life." With that she's away, and I'm left scarlet-faced with Tony the Tiger. Grab a packet of Pop Tarts, pretending to read the label while she rolls down frozen foods, up wines and spirits, into home goods and out of my life forever.

Head down about 8pm, a splash of Calvin Klein still soaking into my face, neck and crotch. A pitiful shake of the head accompanies three little words that still echo in my heart.

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That’s not Llandudno’s motto but when you’ve got something beautiful there’s not a lot of point making changes.

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