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The women should cook, clean, do the laundry and pretty much everything around the house. In my house, my husband does the laundry, I’ve pushed the wrong button too many times…I actually don’t see how that is different from most cultures to be honest. It’s a stereotype of men, who were historically outside hunting while the women were home tending to things. okay, you caught me, I wasn’t really trying that hard to do it correctly.There are two sides to this coin: for one, we’d be lying if we said the U. Most everyone in Seoul agrees that appearance is given a high value in Korean society.Part of this is attributed to the fact that the population is in such close proximity, there is always the constant awareness you are being watched, and consequently: critiqued.Jeongsu and I have been together ever since and even Before I met Jeongsu, I never had Korean food and I must admit, in the beginning I wasn’t particularly a fan of it.

To an American, the motto may go something like: "Look Poor, Act Rich" -we like to look good, without appearing as if we are trying to hard.

It’s especially odd when Korean women who are married bring up this topic as I wouldn’t assume that their husbands are any certain way but they assume a lot about mine. Easy, I have no idea how your husband will turn out.

Good, bad or ugly, you’re about to make a promise though, so you should be ready to follow through.

When dating a Korean man, you can always enjoy the deliciousness of Korean cousine home-made!

Even if your boyfriend/spouse isn’t a master chef, he probably knows how to cook the basics!

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