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The second sentence in the amendment sought to address this issue by continuing to allow private-party contracts between employees and employers.

For example, a private company could agree to extend health benefits to employees and their partners.

Your decisions during the divorce process will be guided by that vision.""I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

I graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago which is one of the top schools in the United States for social work. This experience includes providing therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups.

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Success in therapy is ultimately the result of the collaboration of you and I - the client and the therapist. You are a unique individual and you work at your own pace.Campus Security Authorities: UNCP employees who have a duty to promptly report any information or knowledge of a broad array of crimes to campus law enforcement or the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance.The report can be made via the Coercion: unreasonable and unwanted pressure to engage in sexual activity.North Carolina Amendment 1 (often referred to as simply Amendment 1) was a legislatively referred constitutional amendment in North Carolina that (until overruled in federal court) amended the North Carolina Constitution to prohibit the state from recognizing or performing same-sex marriages or civil unions.The amendment did not prohibit domestic partnership agreements, but defined male–female marriage as "the only domestic legal union" considered valid or recognized in the state.

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